How to preserve and store spinach for 10 days. How many times we have tossed spinach because it welted in the plastic box and have felt really bad about it? Here is a trick, you will never have to toss the spinach you have purchased.

Cook it with a bit of Garlic if you want you can add green chilies and onions or just simply cook it on oil and keep it. Keep a small bunch in the freeze if you would like to keep it for your fresh green salad. But you will never be able to consume that much fresh spinach uncooked atleast in an indian family or if you are going to make fresh spinach salad for a small get together. Mostly one ends up cooking the spinach in various ways. This way you get the base ready for your different spinach dishes that you would cook for next 10 days. You can also freeze cooked spinach if it is too much and then use it later. The fresh spinach that one stores in the freeze should be kept in Aluminnum foil bag or foil with a papertowel in it.