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The Critics

 "The Critics" painting is available for sale for raising money for Destination Imagination and will be tax deducted for the buyer.

 The Artists Imagination behind the painting:

 The Critics!

Everybody is critical of others in life. It is easy to criticize others. Here with one eye open and another closed the painter is reflecting that when you criticize also look inwards. If you are looking at other people in the world, you will find they are so different than you. Their believes, their religion almost everything is different and unique. Painter is suggesting that before criticizing, you should internalize who you are and you will find similarities that are surprising. Ultimately the critics will be at peace. The last face of Budha, with both eyes closed represents the peace and tranquility.

 The details about the painting

  60 by 20 inches Acrylic on Canvas

 By Jaya Patil