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"The Critics" painting is available for sale for raising money for Destination Imagination
by jaya on 
 "The Critics" painting is available for sale for raising money for Destination Imagination and will be tax deducted for the buyer. 

The Artists Imagination behind the painting:

 The Critics!

It is easy to criticize others. This piece represents a crowd of people with one eye open, looking outwards, and one closed, looking in. If you are looking at other people in the world, you will find they may be very different than you. Their beliefs, their religion, almost everything may seem foreign or strange. Here the artist is suggesting that before criticizing, one should reflect first on oneself and look for our shared similarities. The last face of Buddha, with both eyes closed represents peace, tranquility and self-acceptance.

 60 by 20 inches Acrylic on Canvas. April 2016.

Proceeds from the sale of this piece will benefit Destination Imagination, a non-profit which promotes children's education.

Information about Destination Imagination.

Dear Friends
I have been part of an after school program called Destination Imagination since August. This program is a world-wide program that promotes imagination, problem-solving, leadership, creativity, and teamwork in children like me. My team is made up of 7 members that are in 3rd and 4th grade at my school: Lanai Road Elementary in Encino, CA. Our team is called Leaders of Creation and we chose a community-based challenge to work on this year where we needed to address a community need and have a community event to address this need as well as create a meme to help the message go viral. We chose stress as our need in our school community. Stress is becoming more and more of an issue these days with children. When we are stressed, we don't feel good and we don't do well in school or at home.
We had the kids do a pre-event survey to see how much stress there was in our classes. Then we had a event where the kids were assigned to different stations to learn how to destress. Then the kids were encouraged to perform the destress activities for many weeks after which they took a post event survey to see if their scores improved. We found all scores to improve and felt our event to be successful. Our meme was called Destress Recess where we made the Lanai community aware of stress and our upcoming event. Then we created a 8 minute theatrical production to portray our event, meme, and our success to the judges at competition.
Another part of our score at competition was the instant challenge. Here we are given either a task-based, performance-based, or hybrid challenge in which our team must come up with a solution for the judges in 4-6 minutes.
We competed at regional competition and scored 1st place in our level and challenge. Then we scored 3rd place at the state level 1 month later. We qualify now to compete at global competition in Knoxville, Tennessee from May 24-29where there will be over 1200 teams and 14 countries represented. We are so excited to go but we want to fundraise as much as possible to help cover the costs and also to promote the programs. We found our experience to be so valuable. I learned how to destress myself, work in a team environment, deal with conflicts, and think fast on my feet. I also learned how to lead the instant challenge portion of the competition.
My grandmother and I both love to paint. My grandmother has inspired me to take art classes and become an amazing painter like her. My grandmother painted this beautiful painting called "The Critics." She painted this as a fundraising piece to support Destination Imagination and our team!

I hope you like the painting and would be interested in buying this piece to support us.By the way, Destination Imagination is a non-profit organization and the donation money can directly be sent to them under our name: Leaders of Creation. You will receive a letter for tax purposes directly from them if you would like.
Below is the link for DI and there is a donate tab which you click and then a pull down menu where you can choose our name so the money comes to our team.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.Wish us luck!!

Surya Patil

(3rd grader at Lanai Elementary School)

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